International Women’s Day
Students of SDNB Vaishnav College for women in a free wheel chat with eminent professors of the college about International Women’s Day... more
Symbol of what women can achieve
Wherever we may be, we women should not lose our core values which should be deeply rooted in principles, declares this accomplished woman who holds a doctorate in English... more
Ravoofa excels in designer clothes
I design garments for reality shows, wedding trousseau, bridal collection, theme weddings and events; I also do the stage décor, declares avant garde, celebrity designer Ravoofa... more
Aruna Sairam came south to conquer
Though the versatile Aruna Sairam started singing at a very early age in Mumbai, it is only after she relocated to Chennai that many people took cognisance of her music and how... more
Playing mother to old women - Savithri Vaithi
A visionary and pioneer in taking care of destitute and abandoned old women, Savithri Vaithi has become synonymous with the old age home ‘Vishranthi’ - a loving shelter... more
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