Awesome Aranmanai-2

Much  awaited movie Aranmanai 2 carries honor killing as a highlighted statement of the story. Director Sundar.C who had already gained the maximum pride and filled box office with hits    with his movie Aranmanai part 1 and now he has won  the same fame from the audience through Aranmanai 2 with a powerful logic "how honor killing makes the life of people horror". The unexpected twist in this story which gives a literal meaning to the angry devil who had been murdered cruelly by her own father and brother. In the name of honor, family status and prestige she had been murdered along with her husband and a child in her womb. As she love and married a poor and lower caste boy  she was drawn to death by her father and elder brother. Already we had come across many honor killings against the inter-caste marriages of young couples who were killed terribly by their own family

It is really unbelievable  the director Sundar.C had provided an important role for the concept called honor killing which would have definitely created a great impact among the audience. Some of the audience expressed a great appreciation and acceptance in loud claps in the scene where the evil soul of character Maya takes revenge on her father for the murder that he has committed. In a direct or indirect way this movie has created awareness against the concept of honor killing. This reveals the cruelty and the minds of people without any enlightment.  Though we talk more about love, care, affection, freedom, respect, forgiveness and all that, people still lacks the simple logic in life and turns vicious, even dared to do atrocities to their own children by their blind beliefs on religion and caste.


This movie screening not only the package of horror, comedy, power of god but also shares a social message that it is illegal to commit honor killing as it affects the life of an individual and destroys the humanity among each other. Hunting is the nature of animals which is used more and mixed with human nature by the terms revenge, anger, and domination. That’s why they couldn't even sleep peacefully in their grave; the revenge taken by the devil Maya presents the essence of murder. The beautiful script which was written in such way to remember the message  

 And finally the thirst of the devil is also half-quenched and the rivalry between good and bad also came to a conclusion where the power of God is proved to be more superior than evil. By the way let's hope for the good as the movies gives a satisfaction to the viewers that director has taken a bit of initiative in creating awareness in honor killing in society via Aranmanai 2. Let me conclude with a statement "That money doesn't make any honor and pride; it's only the character and true heart that means a lot".







Feb 19, 2016
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