Ajith’s heroism in Yennai Arindhaal

Movie: Yennai Arindhaal

Starring: Ajith kumar, Arun vijay, Trisha krishnan, Anuskha Shetty, Vivek.

Language: Tamil.

Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon

Genre: Action - Thriller U/A


Story: Satyadev (Ajith) is a cop , he looses his father early . It has made him decide his goal and he marches towards the path of truth. He falls in love with Hemanika (Trisha). Thus the film turns out to depict a cop's life filled with hurdles and how he tackles it. 

Thala's 55th film, a classic cop's story received a good response from the audience. The film is intensely touched with Gautham Vaudev Menon's regular strand with his previous films. It is a outstanding come back for Arun Vijay and had done justice to his role. Stunning fight sequence and back ground score forms the life for the film. Lyricist Thamarai's effort for Harris Jeyaraj's music swirls the youngsters.  

Trisha Krishnan’s entry stirs the curiosity among the people. Her elegant move with exquisite traditional attire attracts every one; where her portion is little due to her quick dismissal. As we know Gautham Menon’s heroine are always elegant and this characterization created a stamp in Trisha’s carrier after blockbuster VTV. Anushkha Shetty turns out to be classy being first time in Gautham's creation. Thala Ajith with variation of his 'Salt and Pepper' hairstyle awed the fans. Arun Vijay’s dialogue ‘Avala thukkitaen da…’ brought the audience to their seat edge. The most promising part of the film is the dialogue . Second-half was much impressive than the first-half. Gautham’s opening of the film with Anushka was also good and he had given much importance to female characters which visible in Parvathy Nair’s role. Vivek's performance could have been more enhanced. This time Singara Chennai is seen more than foreign location.

The protagonist turns as a police in order to avenge the society. But in many cases he could not get rid of the difficulties which always surrounds him. In what manner he revenges his opponent and how he wins the day is the core part of the story. Few unexpected twists creates deep curiosity. When it comes to portrayal of the story it could have been better; Dan Macarthur’s cinematography added strength to the film. Portrayal of antagonist equals as that of hero's where the state of interest prevails on the people in spite of the negative character. The film contains the social message of kidnapping and stealing organs from people .


 - Shalini.T.R.B




Feb 19, 2015
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