Malini 22 Palayamkottai

“Malini 22, Palayamkottai is a film which fully focuses on women’s sexual harassment, which really makes the world have a look on women, . Women really feel insecure and nervous about this incident which creates a storm in the present world. So women are struggling between the society and men. However, women are mostly depicted in wrong way in the society .

 Cast : Nithya Menon, as Malini

 Naresh, as Varun Karthikeyan

 Director/ Actor : Mrs. Sri Priya

 Malini Krishnamoorthy, the protagonist role in this movie, and her role in this movie is nurse. She comes from Palayamkottai to Chennai to pursue her work. She is well matured girl, whose main aim was to go to Canada which is very evident through out the film. For getting her visa, she meets a visa officer Mr. Varun Karthikeyan, who plays a role of a male protagonist in this film, but he pretend like loving her and use her and even shares her with his manager, who comes in the name Mr. Prakash.

Malini, is imprisoned for the drug case which is she not aware of.. Even in police station, where the officers are also a women, treat her like an animal .This clearly shows that for a woman another women is an enemy. She shares the cell with another pregnant woman named as Mrs. Janaki, who was also affected by her own husband who betrayed her, so she and her well wishers started a hidden group, to help the women who are affected by the men.

Now Malini shares the flash back, where she goes through a rough path in life . While sharing this to Janaki, she helps Malini to murder the male protagonist, who destroyed her whole life by pretending has her lover.

Mr. Varun Karthikeyan, who plays a role of a pimp helps his manager Mr. Prakash. But even he also uses her and then without her knowledge he shares her. And he acts as a kind and loveable person towards Malini. But later Malini comes to know that even Varun belongs to category of his manager Prakash, and with the help of him only, she has been abused.

She comes out with help of Janaki And lately she portrays herself as a good lover to Varun and operated his male organ. And she herself took a pride of a good surgeon.

This film makes an awareness especially for harassed women . Director herself being a woman has clearly said the situation of women who are struggling in the present age. This film creates a social awareness about women.


 K.R. Kowsalya

 T. Anumol

 C. Arokia Mary Ramya

 P. Bhuvaneswari

 B. Pavithra

 B. Pavithra

 V. Shalini

 R. Sowmiya

Feb 04, 2014
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