3 artistes dominate ‘3’

Debutante director Aishwarya Dhanush’s Tamil film ‘3’ is a splendid story which depicts a couple’s three phases of being in love - the couple being Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan, playing Ram and Janani.

The movie begins with a mourning scene with the death of Ram (Dhanush) being ambiguous as the identity of the dead person is not clear initially. This portrays the director’s style being distinct from the clichéd way of opening a movie.

The flashback shows Janani’s memories of their school life and love. The adolescent love of Ram and Janani becomes a matured one.

Janani informs Ram that she has to go to the US with her family as they wish to settle there after her college studies. At this juncture, Ram’s childhood friend, Sivakarthikeyan, flies to Singapore without informing him. These circumstances depress Ram and seem to be the first attack on his mental condition which results later in vicious disease. But Janani disregards her parents’ wish and elopes to get married to Ram. The scene where Ram requests Janani to give him time to get permission from his father for their marriage, is moving.

Despite the twists and turns, they finally get married and bring the two families together.

In the happy life of Ram and Janani comes a jolt in the form of bipolar disorder in Ram. The notion of Ram hiding his illness from Janani sounds reasonable but also makes you wonder if he could not have got it treated. The concept of mental illness was explored in Dhanush’s previous release ‘Mayakkam Enna’ also.

The onscreen chemistry between Dhanush and Shruthi is outstanding. The first night scene with Ram’s promise to Janani of keeping her happy always, with the background song ‘Nee Paartha Vizhigal’, is engaging. Dhanush proves that he deserves the national award with his stunning performance, especially in the climax.

The role played by Prabhu and Banupriya as Ram’s parents is appealing along with Janani’s parents and younger sister who is seen supportive of her love. Prabhu, who is a modern father and successful businessman, plays his part well.

Aishwarya has managed to keep the pace of realistic narration and the audience absorbed.

Praise goes to Sunder and Sivakarthikeyan who play Ram’s friends.

Anirudh’s music is an added advantage which is evident in his massive hit ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ being a chartbuster. The song ‘Kan Azhaga’, in the voice of Dhanush and Shruthi, is pleasing to the ear.

Velraj’s excellent cinematography and the background music need commendation.

May 10, 2012
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Farah Nazneen

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