Scripting a celluloid career

Bubbling with enthusiasm and full of joie de vivre he scripted  his way from the land of cosmic dancer –Chidambaram to Chennai  the land of celluloid.  A multi faceted  person he has donned many hats which groomed him in diverse streams . A  born poet  he used to  roll out verses in Tamil which caught the  attention of the youth in his  school. I used to pen poems  for my friends who used  to give it  to their girl  friends jokes Venkatesh.  He was flooded with prizes for his poems. His friends discerned the abilities in him and  wanted him to be another T Rajendar. Since T Rajendar hails from Mayavaram which is our neigbouring place, my friends wanted me make it big in cinema.secalres Venaktesan. He was interested in  theater and  drama. Venkatesan  felt that a person should be committed in what ever he does. His initial acquaintance with the print media was very useful   in his future endeavors. His dreams of making  making  it big in   cinema   was endorsed and  appreciated by his mother   who sold her  ear ring to send him to     Chennai   to step into the world of cinema.  It is almost   two decades since I began my    silver screen odyssey recalls Venkatesan   nostalgically .     Venuvelmurugan   his friend   and a senior film personality     opened his  flood gates to  the alluring  tinsel  world . I am grateful to Venuvelmurugan for thrusting me  Into this stream .  .His journey  in celluloid    is  interspersed   with  joy and melancholy.      We shall read about how he   scripted the dialogue in the film Haridas in the next episode.


 To be contd.         


                                                                                                              Usha Raja











Apr 08, 2013
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