Aruna Sairam came south to conquer

Enigmatic smile and endearing personality sums up Aruna Sairam in a nutshell. I spent half-a-day with her which can be called the most enjoyable day in my life. Aruna’s amazing rapport with friends and strangers makes her a person with a difference. A versatile person and a linguist, she is a born speaker, regaling her companions with witty remarks and repartees.

Her celebrity status never stood in the way of her patiently listening and enquiring about others.

Aruna’ s initial training in classical music under her mother Rajalakshmi Sethuraman, a disciple of the Alathur Brothers, and Thanjavur Sankara Iyer, laid a strong foundation for her musical career and T Brinda honed her skills.

Though Aruna started singing at a very early age in Mumbai it is only after she relocated to Chennai that many people took cognisance of her music.

She is best remembered for her Abhangs which she boldly included in her concerts breaking the traditional format.

Her ‘Bhakthajana Vittale’ and ‘Maadu Meikum Kanna’ are most sought after by music lovers. Aruna is a crowd-puller and has contributed a lot to contemporary music by singing in many foreign languages. Her jugalbandhi concerts are an instant hit with the masses.

Her music is redolent with bhakti element and infuses divinity. Aruna is heaped with laurels but the accolades sit lightly on her.

Mar 06, 2011
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