Playing mother to old women - Savithri Vaithi

All reality ceases to exist when we meet visionary and a Messiah for the aged and destitute, Savithri Vaithi, who has dedicated her life in pursuit of her passion. She founded the renowned Monday Charity Club with the simple idea to make women shed their inhibitions and spend time usefully. But destiny played out differently.

Savithri was appalled by the conditions of the destitute and old uncared-for women and so was born Vishranthi.

Vishranthi – a home for aged women and destitute - was started by her with the support of HelpAge India and renowned geriatrician V S Natarajan. In four decades of its existence, she has nursed and helped many old women by admitting them in Vishranthi.

A social worker, she is bent upon helping socially-backward old women who have no one to take care of them.

Savithri feels that adaptability and adjustment is required for women to lead a happy life.

While advising young married girls to consider their in-laws as her own parents, she asks the parents-in-law to treat the daughters-in-law as their own daughter.

She strongly feels that there will not be a need for old age homes only if aged parents are looked after with care and love.

A philanthropist, she offers assistance to orphans and children with single parent by providing the 3Rs.

She feels that her life’s mission is consummated with Vishranthi as she is happy to see old women leading a carefree, happy life. She spends time with the inmates in the evenings as she feels that they should not feel lonely and left out.

In a way, she has unobtrusively helped society and has pioneered in geriatric care in Chennai. Vishranthi has become synonymous with Savithri, who has been heaped with laurels.

Her zest and enthusiasm are infectious as she saunters around with humility oozing with oodles of love for the aged.

Mar 03, 2011
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