Parisian Sojourn-6
- Versailles is called the envy of Europe for its opulent and imposing structure. It was the abode of some of the leaders of France who were responsible in shaping its destiny.... more
Parisian sojourn - 5
We have heard about the Pyramid of Giza, but there is one at the famous Louvre in Paris - The central courtyard of the Louvre is occupied by a pyramid of glass, says Usha... more
Parisian sojourn - 4
No one is able to pinpoint the one reason that draws thousands and thousands of art lovers to gaze for hours on end at the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre, says Usha... more
Parisian sojourn - 3
Looking at Champs Elysees, the most prestigious and broadest avenue in Paris, it is hard to believe that it was fields and markets before it became what it is today, says Usha... more
Parisian sojourn - 2
Notre Dame (Our Lady) stands majestically with its Gothic architecture and the Seine flows quietly by its side as if to seek the blessings of Virgin Mary in Paris, writes Usha... more
Frolicking atop a NZ glacier
One minute Bela, who has trekked in the Himalayas, was looking at the lush green rain forest of New Zealand from inside a chopper, and the next minute it was the white snow of Fox Glacier... more
Behold New Zealand’s beauty
Bela continues her tour of New Zealand and is stunned by the variety and beauty offered at ‘every turn and curve’ while they visit the pretty town of Franz Josef which also has a glacier of that name... more
Traversing New Zealand coast to coast
Continuing her travelogue about New Zealand, Bela next catches the Tranzalpine Train travelling from one coast of New Zealand to the other, offering spectacular views all along the route... more
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