Alluring Padmanabhapuram Palace

There are many alluring tourists destinations  located in Tamil Nadu. Though there are too many magnificient tourists spots ,   . Once the travellers stepped into Kanyakumari, their mind travels even more faster than them to see the architectural beauty of the spectacular palace, which is famously called as Padmanabhapuram Palace. This is owned and maintained by Government of Kerala. It is regarded as great due to its astounding structure. The palace was contructed around 1601 A.D by the Venad ruler Iravi Varma Kulasekaraperumal .And the King Anizham Thirunal Marthandavarma, was the founder of Travancore and he was the one who restored the palace in an around 1750. The King was honoured for his devotion towards his family deity Sree Padmanabha. Ultimately, this makes him to be called as Padmanabha Dasa and the place too named as ‘’Padmanabhapuram’’.

 When we entered into the palace , we   were astonished by several structures of the palace . At first we saw Mantrasala, where King and his Ministers meet to take decisions and  also all other meetings were held. The windows of the room constructed specially in the way to guard the people from heat and dust .The floor of the palace made up of coconut shells, egg white and the plant juices. After this, we came to Queen Mother’s Palace which built in traditional kerala style. The roofs are supported by four pillars on four corners and the ceiling has floral designs. The small room which situated in the South-West corner is called as Ekantha Mandapam. There is also a  large performance hall  where pillars are of solid granite and the floor is in black glistening. The central mansion of the palace consists of many wood carving, paintings etc., The ground floor is a place where king safeguards his treasure. In the first floor we saw king’s bedroom and the bed cot made up of 64 types of medicinal herbs which produced to keep him away from diseases. Even meditation room and fitness room are constructed in the palace . The second floor has king’s study room, resting room and even there is a room where king stay during his fasting periods. Then reached top floor which was specially designed for  Sree Padmanabha Swamy ,where puja will be held. There is also a Thekee Kottaram, Southern palace which was 400 years old, remain as a heritage museum which portrays the social, tradition, political and culture of the people who lived in those days.

The king constructed a large nourishing hall, where more than 1000 people can eat. Many reigned rulers of Travancore photographs are hanged. There is also a separate mansion to keep the statues of Nataraj,Buddha,Guberan etc., But most of the idols are in damaged conditions. The palace has garden and it is still maintained properly. Even the clock in the palace which was many years old is still in working condition. Thus, this palace stands as a Hallmark of Kanyakumari, which exhibits the lifestyle of king and people of those age. The memories of the palace will be an everlasting one,which never fades and it even plunder the hearts of visitiors.




                                                                                                                Uma Maheswari.D

                                                                                                                 Shiny Manuel.S




                                                                                                                  Syed safia sulthana                      

Jan 26, 2018
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