Margazhi Music Durbar 2009
Flautist G Sridhar
We give you a snapshot view of the musicians of today –flautist G Sridhar is one of them - who have the kind of bio data anyone would envy...
Sunday Kutcheri in the Park
Sunday Kutcheri in the Park...
Shertallay Column
Evolution of Carnatic music -1
Dr Shertallay Renganatha Sharma takes a look back at the origins of Indian music and pins it down to the Vedic age when the very concept of such music began...
Margazhi Music Durbar 2010
Sanjay’s exotic Bhairavi
Sanjay Subramaniam’s concert at Hanumath Jayanthi music festival at the 32 ft Anjaneyar temple Nanganallur was awesome for its creativity and drew audiences like a magnet...
Audio Lessons
Saralee Varisai - 6
Music guru Akella Mallikarjuna Sharma continues his audio Carnatic music lessons with the sixth exercise in Saralee Varisai, which is the bala padam or beginners course...