Launch of , ‘Compositions of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan’

In commemoration of the Centenary of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan,  a book entitled, ‘Compositions of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan’, compiled by Mrs R.Banumathy , daughter & disciple of Dr S.Ramanathan, was soft-launched in Singapore on 18th March, 2017. The book is being published by alapana arts, Singapore, founded by Mrs R.Banumathy.


At a humble function held at alapana arts, Singapore, the book was soft-launched by Ty Constant, who is a professor at the YST Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore and he teaches World Music. Prof Ty Constant is a student and friend of Dr Robert E Brown (Bob Brown). Bob Brown was directed to Dr S Ramanathan by Sri V.Raghavan of the Music Academy to take help and guidance in his research work on Sangita Ratnakara. Due to such a research association, later, Bob Brown brought Dr S Ramanathan to USA on an exchange programme. That led Dr S Ramanathan (SR) to join the Wesleyan University to graduate with a PhD on the merits of his thesis, ‘Music in Silappatikaram’.

Mrs R.Banumathy has taken due care to present this book with both English & the tamil versions bound in the same volume. She has done careful proof-correction at times seeking the assistance of her sisters.

Some of the salient aspects of this book,  ‘Compositions of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan’ :

  • It is a compilation of 37 compositions of SR comprising 2 Lakshana Varnams, 8 Tana Varnams, 26 Kritis in Adi/Rupakam/Khanda Chapu/Misra Chapu talas and a Thillana in Adi Talam Thisra Gati.
  • The book contains both Tamil as well as English versions (one after the other) of each of the compositions arranged in the order of Varnams, Kritis & a Thillana.
  • The compositions are in one of the following languages: - Tamil, Sanskrit or Telugu.
  • All the compositions are notated in English & Tamil.
  • The kritis in Revathi, Megharanjani, Nayaki Poornachandrika, Bhavani, Gopriya contain Chittaiswaram as well. 


  • SR has paid tribute to his master, Tiger in the composition Varadacharya deva, set to Poorna Chandrika. This ia a favourite raga of both the guru & the disciple.
  • The Lakshana Varnams in Poorvikalyani & Gopriya are unique.
    • The information that Gamakakriya is the older name of Poorvikalyani is subtly embedded in this Varnam
    • The whole-tone scale of Gopriya and its significance that modal shift from any swara in its scale would yield the same raga at each shift of the tonic note is precisely described in this Varnam.
    • SR identified the presence of septimal Nishadam in Surutti. His composition ‘Adidum Arase’ in Surutti was the last song he heard, sung by one of his disciples by his side, before be breathed his last a few hours later in the wee hours of 19March 1988 in Triplicane, Chennai.
Apr 11, 2017
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