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Dr N R Jayakumar, a wizard in Homeopathy, and Prof of Homeopathy in Sri Sairam Homeo Medical College, has dedicated his life to the system of medicine which he says is the best method of treatment for any disease.

Dr Jayakumar, who believes in ‘treating the person and not the disease’, finds Homeopathy an adventurous field, which goes by the mantra ‘curing even the most troublesome disease without surgery’.



He says that the motto of Homeopathy is ‘permanent cure to a disease’. He makes Homeopathy an effective way of treatment by treating not only the physical ailments but also mental problems of the patients. He gives prominence to the mental state of a patient and that is why he says that good rapport between the doctor and patient is essential for the successful curing of a disease.

He has cured many acute and chronic diseases successfully. The turning point of his career was curing a patient of his 30-year-old disease when he – the doctor - was just 28 years old - in 1991. He successfully cured the patient suffering from Ménière's disease - a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree. It is characterised by episodes of vertigo, low-pitched tinnitus and hearing loss. The hearing loss is fluctuating rather than permanent, meaning, it comes and goes, alternating between ears for some time, then becomes permanent with no return to normal function.

It is a remarkable thing that he was the head of a dengue research crew of the state-run Kings Institute of Preventive Medicine. He has also given free dengue preventive medicines to around 28,000 people. Because of his immense interest and dedication in the field of Homeopathy, he made his wife also a Homeopath – Dr Uma Jayakumar - who was a post-graduate in biochemistry. He and his wife have run many awareness programmes and campaigns among the public. He gives free treatment for leprosy patients at Ramakrishna Math at present.



Some of his awards

He doesn’t merely serve patients but serves humanity. He gives free treatment and free medicines to the destitute. Having in mind that time is precious, he gives priority treatment to class 10 and class 12 students by treating them within 30 minutes of their arrival at the clinic. He allots special consultation time for the kids (9.30-10.30 a.m.).

Another achievement is the mobile clinic. The mobile clinic has a duty doctor and an inbuilt mini-pharmacy to treat patients at their doorstep. He guides the duty doctor and interacts with the patients through Skype and webcam. He says that his clinic is the first Homeopathy clinic in India to possess paramedical facilities like laboratory, physiotherapy, etc. His clinic also facilitates Yoga classes.


Madan Mobile Homoeo Clinic

He hopes to achieve a lot as he says that he still has the same spirit which he had when he began his journey in Homeopathy. His primary goal is to give complete cure for patients and not to ‘kill’ them in the name of ‘bill’. So much so, Dr Jayakumar still loves his pursuit of true wisdom. He believes not in advertisements but in good approach and treatment. He is the epitome of service and genuine wisdom.


Clinic at Adambakkam


Clinic at Nanganallur

He advises society to make this country a healthy one by implementing good, individualistic methods of conduct and hygiene.

You can also check out his site: www.madanhomeoclinic.com



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Feb 08, 2013
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