Gleneagles Global Health City’s new feat

Gleneagles Global Health City successfully removes the Largest Liver Tumorever reported, weighing 6.2 Kilograms


~ Tumor of about 25centimeters in size was removed from the Liver of 66 year old ChidambaraMarathe hailing from Bangalore ~

 :Gleneagles Global Health City,the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise,hasset a new benchmark in removal of tumors from the liver in the World.The specialist team fromInstitute of Liver Disease & Transplantation at Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, spearheaded by Prof Mohamed Rela who has performed over 1200 liver resection operations for liver cancer,hassuccessfully performed a surgery on 66 year old ChidambaraMarathe, to remove a tumor weighing 6.2 kilograms from his Liver.The Surgery was performed by Prof Mohamed Rela, Chairman & Director, Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation, Gleneagles Global Health City andhis teamon the 31st of March 2017.

MrChidambaraMarathe, hailing from Bangalore, had been diagnosed with Hepatitis B infection about 10 years ago and was undergoing antiviral treatments.In 2013,Mr. Marathe was also diagnosed withHepatocellular Carcinomadue to 2 small lesions that were detected on his liver. Hepatocellular carcinomas are liver tumors that commonly develop in patients with cirrhosis, which has formed due to viral infection (hepatitis B or C), excessive alcohol intake or fatty liver disease. Post this diagnosis, in January 2014, MrMarathe,had to undergoTransarterial Chemoembolization (TACE) a targeted chemotheraphyin order to treat these tumors. But unfortunately, the tumor had started growing again and by the time it was diagnosed the tumor had grown to the size of full term twine pregnancy.

 At this stage, MrChidambaraMarathe,was in severe pain distension of the abdomen due to the tumor.During this time, Mr. Marathe had consulted various hospitals across India but was turned down due to the technical difficulty of removing such a large tumor and the high risk of complications given his age and condition.  An attempt at surgery was made at Bangalore, but was abandoned due to severe bleeding during the surgery.  Mr. Marathe was then referred to Prof Mohamed Rela, Chairman & Director, Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation, Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai for further treatment.

“Mr.Marathe was in severe pain and was very confused when he was brought into our facility in Chennaias. He had already undergone the ordeal of an attempted surgery due to which the family and patient had lost all hope of recovery”, recalls Prof Mohamed Rela, Chairman & Director, Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation, Gleneagles Global Health City. “Imaging showed a large tumor of about 25cm in size occupying the entire abdomen.. The only chance of survival for Mr. Marathe was to remove the tumor. After a detailed evaluation, we decided to go ahead and remove the tumor. Given Mr. Marathe’s age the risk involved in the procedure was very high and I am very glad that we were able to successfully remove the tumor and provide Mr. Marathe and his family with some much needed respite”.Prof. Rela added.

Dr. Mettu Srinivas Reddy, Senior Consultant, HPB & Liver Transplantation, Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation, Gleneagles Global Health City said, “Liver tumors which develop in patients with chronic liver disease are best treated at an early stage provided the best outcomes. We advise regular checks for these patients with blood tests and ultrasound scans at 6 monthly intervals to ensure early diagnosis. Delayed or incomplete treatment leads to recurrence within the liver and spread to other organs. It’s very uncommon that these tumors reach such a size. Surgery for these tumors is challenging because of the risk of heavy bleeding and liver failure after surgery. We evaluated the patient extensively prior to the surgery, explained the risks of the procedure to the patient and his family and then proceeded with the surgery”.

The surgery lasted over 8 hours and the specialist team from Institute of Liver Disease & Transplantation at Gleneagles Global Health City was able to remove theentire tumor along with a small part of his large intestine as part of the tumor was in contact with it. The tumor after removal weighed 6.2 kilograms and according to reports largest liver tumor removed anywhere in the World. The surgery was completed on the 31st of March post which Mr. Marathe was shifted to the intensive care unit for further observation.

About Gleneagles Global Health City:

The sprawling, 21-acre facility in Perumbakkam, Chennai is the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals India, with a capacity of over 1000-beds and accreditations from leading agencies. The facility is one of the best for advanced healthcare in India. The hospital offers the end-to-end spectrum of advanced healthcare facilities as well as excellent facilities for research and advanced education. The hospital has undertaken several path-breaking liver, heart, lung and kidney procedures.

Accredited and recognized by several international and national level accrediting agencies, it is a healthcare destination of choice for both people in India and worldwide. World-class infrastructure, dedicated staff and a commitment for medical excellence are the USPs of this Global Hospital facility. The hospital has several achievements to its credit and continues to work on several pioneering procedures.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise:

Gleneagles Global Hospitals is part of Parkway Pantai, a fully owned subsidiary of IHH Healthcare. In India, Gleneagles Global Hospitals operates a chain of multi-super specialty hospitals offering tertiary and quaternary healthcare services with over 2,000 beds and state-of the-art, world-class hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. A pioneer in kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants, Gleneagles Global Hospitals provides comprehensive multi-organ transplant services in the country.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals aims to strengthen and expand its leading market position as a destination for multi-organ transplant for patients from India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. We are committed to further our aspiration of making quality health care more accessible to all.

Website: http://gleneaglesglobalhospitals.com/

May 14, 2017
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