Diseases that cause dis-ease


Birth, death, rebirth


Aadhija, Anadhija.


Diseases caused by virus, bacteria, germs


Asthma, allergy, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes

Diseases are broadly classified into two categories: Samanya and Sara.

Sara is birth, death and rebirth. They are not in our hands. They are already fixed. We can’t do anything about these.

Samanya is divided into two categories: Aadhija and Anadhija.

Anadhija: Diseases caused by virus, bacteria, germs, etc., come under this category. These diseases can be cured. Medicines can help them to a certain extent. Physical problems caused by accidents can be set right over a period of time.

Aadhija: Almost all diseases come under this category. Asthma, allergy, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These diseases can never be cured by any system of medicine. They can only be controlled. Total cure is not possible.

Suppose with the help of a medical system, the sugar level is brought to normal, and if the person does not follow the diet and does not do any exercise, his sugar level is likely to go up again.

When asthma is brought under control, and if the person is exposed to dust or some bad weather or some mental tension, asthma is likely to get aggravated.

What is the reason for this? All these diseases are the manifestations of mind disturbances brought into the body. Hence, they can never be cured; they can only be controlled because it is very difficult to control the mind.

When the mind is disturbed, body gets disturbed. When emotions like anger, fear, grief, etc., overwhelm us, we may have reactions in the body such as abnormal sweating, palpitation, breathlessness, headache, back pain, stomach disturbances, etc.

Hence, it is not enough to take care of our body alone by taking nutritious food, exercise and rest. It is quite essential to take care of our mind.

Mar 23, 2010
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Dr Jayalakshmi

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