Every body part does its part

Lungs - Lungs are the air-conditioner that Nature has given to us. It keeps our body healthy by taking in oxygen from the outside air and sending out carbon dioxide and other impurities. We breathe from the time we are born and continue to breathe till our death. The lungs develop immunity against disease.

Digestive system - The stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, small and large intestine form the digestive system. Food is digested and assimilated and the nutrients are sent to tissues and cells.

Sensory organs - Eyes see around and enjoy the beauty of Nature. Ears hear, tongue tastes, nose smells and skin feels.

All theses organs are covered by the skin. It protects us and makes us look nice.

Hands and legs help to perform various actions and activities. Legs support our body as two pillars and help us to work and run. Hands are used to do a lot of work.

In addition to all the above, palms and feet help us keep ourselves healthy. Our health is in our hands. How?

Apr 26, 2010
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Dr Jayalakshmi

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