Painthamizh Mandram 2017-2018, the Tamil Club of M.O.P.Vaishnav College For Women conducted series of events on Aug 9th and Aug 10th 2017. The events included competitions like slam poetry, bharathiyar paadalgal, monoacting, solvom velvom, spin the yarn and oratorical for which students from different departments took part with full enthusiasm and energy.

 Mr.Motilal Babu, professor at D.B.Jain College was invited as the judge for the slam poetry competition. Participants penned down astonishing poems in the given time on the topic “Mounam” that was announced on the spot and proved to be young stunning poets. Mrs.Janani, member of Kalakshetra evaluated the budding singers of the Bharathiyar Paadal competition. She, being a famous classical singer inspired and motivated the participants and enlightened the event with her presence. In spin the yarn competition, students very well cooked up amazing stories giving them unexpected twists with the first line that was given on the spot. They came up with wonderful stories and were assessed by Mr.Sridhar, an entrepreneur who has a flair for writing. Students showcased their vocabulary aptitude through the “Solvom Velvom” competition. Their versatility and knowledge were highly appreciable. Actor of the famous tamil serial “Neeli”, Mr. Navin Victor was invited as the judge for the monoacting competition. Participants displayed their acting calibre by taking up daring roles of popular tamil literature characters. “It gives me so much happiness to deliver a speech completely in tamil. I have never had the hang of the language since my place of study wasn’t Chennai but I have always worked on developing tamil,” said Navin Victor, expressing his love for the language. The last event of the intramurals was the oratorical competition which was graced by Mr. Venkatraman Premsagar, a lyricist and tamil stage drama artist. The vibrant and passionate speakers delivered their speech on “Uzhavae Unavu” and demonstrated their expertness and professionalism in their speech.

With high level of determination and passion, the participants brought out their hidden talents to light. Painthamizh Mandram provided a platform for the students through the intramurals and kept the M.O.Pians engaged for the two days.

Aug 18, 2017
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