The English Association ceremony of the Justice Basheer Ahmeed Sayeed College for Women, took place at the college auditorium on 18th August,2017 [Wednesday] on behalf of the Department of English. The programme started at 10A.M in the presence of the honourable Chiet Guest Mr.Sathish Menon, respected Principal, Vice Principal,  Head of the Department, Staff members and the students. It started with a prayer and its translation. The co-ordinator of the event Mrs.Mehar Taj, P.G.Asst., Dept.of English delivered the welcome address which made the programme to be more interesting. After a warm welcome from the Department of English, the guest was humbly requested to share his knowledge.


From his lecture, we came to know that he has a very pleasing personaltity and a kind-heart. He has travelled over more than 20 countries all over the world and a great passion for reading books. He has a own library in his place. He said that he was requested by his wife not to bring more books to his house as it was already filled with different kinds of books. So he started reading books on Kindle Tablet,where he can read any books online. He also gave a fact that only in India, we address the teachers, senior citizens as “SIR”, but in other countries “SIR” is a title given to a military person. So he asked us not to call him like that but to call him with his name or may be “Mister”. His lecture highly inspired the students of our college. After his interesting speech, cultural events were staged.

The cultural event had plays performed by the U.G. and the P.G. students of our department. These plays were based on a theme called Social Issues. So the performances of our students showcast the issues like suicide attempts, gadgets addiction, water scarcity, unity, co-operation, faith, etc.. Our students performed really amazing. The first play was performed by the students of II-B.A.English. Their performance highlighted virtues like love, betrayal, coveteousness. The play was staged on 3 entirely different scenes, including dominant characters like Romeo, Juliet, Shylock, Caesar, Brutus and Fisher King. These characters transformed the whole place to the Shakespearean era.

The next play was performed by I-B.A. students. Their theme revealed disputes between the good and the evil. They acted in a innovative way. It was about how the people in this society follow the evil way of living for the pleasure of themselves. This play shows how the good and evil spirits distract people and dominate them. The students enacted in a different manner and brought a good impact in the minds of the audience. The other one was done by III-B.A. students. They focused on the idea of water scarcity, which is to be lighten up in the society as many people are still suffering with that. They enacted the actual lifestyle of the poor and the rich. Both the rich and the poor suffered, when the natural resources gets exploited. Even the media failed to find any solution for this.

The final play was performed by I-M.A. students of our department. They focused on a fact called Digital Omnivorous, meaning addiction towards gadgets like mobiles, television, etc.. The mobile phones have changed from the means of communication to addiction. It was an attempt to portray the family life and the impacts of mobile in a peace home. This play reproduces the mentality of the family members in a delicate way, which actually brings out the fact that the society has become totally phobic to the mobiles.

After all these events, judges finalised the results. Certificates and prizes were distributed to all the participants by the Chief Guest Mr.Sathish Menon. Our HOD honoured the Chief Guest with a memorandum and thanks gift. Then, the vote of thanks was delivered by one of the member of  our Department.  



 Rameeaza, Athiya, Farima, Roshan



Sep 06, 2017
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