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Avertable terrorism

Terrorism, an act of cowardice, once again claimed 13 lives at the Delhi High Court. The main objective of terrorism is to annihilate peace and progress of the nation. Terrorism is a big threat to every aspect of human society. It is an act done by a few to endanger many.

The common man will forever be the victim of this callousness though he doesn’t know why it is happening. Once, getting freedom from colonial clutches was the problem of world nations, but now it is terrorism. Now everyone has only one question, ‘How long are we going to lose innocent people to this barbarism?’

If we look into the history, origin and growth of terrorism, we find many unbelievable facts, among them the more interesting thing being the contribution of a few developed nations, to influence global politics. We are aware that terrorism is happening all over the world, no one is impervious to it, including the contributors.


In the very short-run, the political and economic viability of the nation will be affected by the assault of terrorism. Hence, it is preventable with government effort and people’s support. However, the effects in the long run are more serious: if it continues without check, the entire social set-up will collapse. There would be many tearful stories from every victim/victim’s family. While a family loses its breadwinner, son, brother, etc., the effect is that it will create more social evils internally.

The other pitiable thing is inability of the people to cope with the assault. They may lose their job, hope; everything; they will become dependent on somebody, at least for medicines and treatment. All these things lead the public to criticise the government and administration for its failure to prevent terror attacks.

Fixing responsibility

When the government catches the perpetrator, he might just be an executioner and the planner a different person: that is the complexity of terrorism. No one can say people shouldn’t criticise the government for failing to check terror strikes. It’s the duty of the government to save its people at any cost.

We shouldn’t gain experience from the loss of innocent lives. The attacks should be prevented. Eradication of terrorism may take a long time and requires multinational effort. But preventing an attack is possible with proper planning and using potential human resources.

We have the human resource to prevent such attacks. But we lack proper planning.

Makes you wonder how there has not be another terror attack in the US after 9/11.

We have a real example before us?


M Paripooranam

(The columnist completed B.B.E. in 2009 from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, and M.A. Economics in 2011 from The Madura College, Madurai. She has presented four papers - Food Inflation; Problems and Causes of Indian Agriculture; Health Care in India; Globalisation and its Impact on Indian Economy; - at various state-level seminars in Madurai district. She is also an aspiring civil services candidate.)

Sep 14, 2011
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