Iconic Indian culture

“The culture of India is a storehouse of treasures”

      India is well known for its culture and tradition. Each part of India stands as a symbol of their pride and heritage. Indian culture is expressed in language, literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, costumes, celebrations, philosophy, religions, traditions, rituals, etc. In the part of language and literature, Sanskrit and Tamil are considered to be the old and divine languages. Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. Apart from the language, Tamil culture has its own nobility, significance and virtue. Tamil people shined in almost all categories including philosophy, literature and even in science and technology. They were praised for their bravery and knowledge. This prestigious Tamil language and culture had crossed over many centuries from generation to generation. They were unique in their own customs and rituals.

But in the present scenario, this elegant culture is losing its charm. This long time existence of our culture is now under a huge question mark. This was happened as a result of modernization whereas the people slowly started to follow the western culture in spite of their own culture. There are many reasons behind this modernization. The modern world and its modernity had changed the old customs into new developed and civilized methods. Most of the people accept this modernization. They feel it is comfortable to lead a modern life. It is more convenient for them to wear modern suits rather than traditional costumes. Though it was preferred by massive number of people, there are handful of people who had not adapted to this modernization. Some of them feel that switching over from their own culture may result in loss of identity and individuality.

Modernity is necessary for the development of a nation and people. At the same time, it also acts as a pitfall for culture and tradition. Realizing this truth, people started to bring back their ancient customs and rituals to their present life. Youngsters are trying to regain their tradition through celebrating festivals like Pongal, Diwali, etc. Many schools and institutions are also encouraging their students by teaching them the values and importance of tradition and culture. Modernity and Tradition are two opposite notions juxtaposed. One should have both of these in their mind to lead a fruitful life. Modernity is not all about surviving in the new trend of life whereas culture and tradition is not all about believing in the old myth. Twain were based on the same ideology to eradicate the evils in the society. So there must be an equal esteem for both.











Feb 25, 2017
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