Sadagopan- The stone man

Art is the best way of conveying the human expression .A Sculptor is the highly creative artist,who showcases the creative imagination into live form by three dimensional form .A sculptor typically work with hard materials like wood , stone, marbel, glass, ice, etc. Let us catch a glimpse of sculptor' Sadagopan’s life , residing at Ambal Nagar in Mamallapuram . He is basically a farmer who was influenced by the government architecture college ,which made him to become a sculptor. He has completed his graduation in B.SC temple architecture , he has completed diploma and pre -diploma in temple architecture.   He is giving brief explanation ,how the sculptures are being created and from where they are getting materials. The stone sculptures being created in Mamallapuram are made by black stone .The materials are brought from the place called “PAZHIYASIVARAMand in SIRUTHAMUR. The measurements and shapes of sculptures are followed from the book named SIRPAAGAMAM. The ongoing work is Hanuman sculpture which is 20 feet in length and it has took one year to complete . The best works of him are Hanuman, Raman, Seetha ,and Lakshmanan sculptures which are in 20 feet length . . When the sculpture which is being created is broken ,it will be sold in least amount for the garden designing and to keep in gardens.This is the great loss for them. . He is known for his best stone sculptures. He motivates the next generation to give importance for the tradition and culture and for the art work. He feels very proud to be as a stone sculptor. .He specifically point’s out that even the women are interested in learning the art work of sculpture.



P. Aarthi

G.Pon Uma Mageswari

A. Anusudha





Feb 20, 2017
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