14th Year "POOJA VIDHANAM" Workshop - 2017




It was a historic day on Saturday, 8th of July 2017 for The Mylapore Trio, Sugathan, Members and youth wing of the Foundation. The annual “Pooja Vidhanam” workshop which was hitherto conducted exclusively for women was slightly modified and conducted exclusively for children this time. The quintessence percolated and permeated to the bottom line only to cheer, enthuse and inculcate sublime values to the most socially, economically and culturally backward children of Sri Venkataramana Elementry School Trust, Abhiramapuram, Chennai.

As desired by Surendranath, the Trios approached one of the Trustees of the School, who was really interested and instantly gave her nod to conduct such a unique event in their school. The Trios wanted a slight change in the nature of workshop and more importantly evinced interest in taking it to school children and they preferred to conduct the same in the above mentioned school which is considered to be very old with a hoary past.


The Trio, Sugathan members derived a great degree of satisfaction and contentment to teach and impart the basics and nuances of the three famous Gods viz., Vinayaka, Krishna, Lakshmi and their Festivals which is in the offing in the near future. Children of class 3rd, 4th & 5th Stds of both English and Tamil mediums participated numbering around 60 along with their 10 teachers.

The school stage was aptly decorated with colorful banner and saris of red and green draped as background and the three Gods were placed in appropriate spaces and bedecked - Ganesha and Krishna on pedestals and Lakshmi inside a traditional mandapam.   

The programme started around 10.30am with the school children, began to sing prayers and bhajans in chorus. Amarnath gave the introduction, Surendranath narrated stories about the Gods - Ganesh, Krishna and Lakshmi, Aparna explained the importance of the programme and Sugathan performed Naatyam on Krishna-Draupadi VasthraAkshepam…. which stunned the audience. His bhaava & abhinaya and more so his innate devotion and involvement in the dance got him accolades from one and all.


Then the children were divided into 3 groups – class wise and a very interesting thematic art and craft activity was taught to them by the Trios. Children drew images of Ganesha, Krishna and Lakshmi and elements related to them. Later they learnt certain theme based craft works related to these pooja and received hands on experience in doing them. Pillayar Kudai, Krishnar Paadham, Pavazhamalli Maalai, Panju Vasthram, Amman Jadai, were some of the items which were taught to these young artists. The children were highly stimulated and the teachers were also equally motivated in this Pooja workshop. Finally Mangala Aarathi was performed by Sugathan, while Shakambari sang “Bhagyatha Lakshmi Bhaaramma”.

All the children and teachers were given Vennpongal and Sakkaraipongal and Bananas as Prasadam apart from notebooks, pencils, erasers and sharpeners for their use. Teachers were offered Thaambulam too. Few Foundation parents and members volunteered to arrange  Pushpam, Fruits, Prasadam for the Pooja and other stationeries for the children. The Foundation members also acquainted themselves in this distinctive programme by presenting themselves in traditional attire.

The Trustee, Principal, Teachers and Children opined that it was the first time that they have been exposed to such a cultural event inculcating spiritual values to these children from the economically lower strata of the society. They said that they learnt many things including religion, morals, legends, art, craft, music, dance etc. The workshop ended with a spiritual and a satisfactory note.

The Trios on their part thanked the school trustee for rendering and opportunity to create a cultural awareness to these deprived children who otherwise would not have been exposed. The Mylapore Trio felt that they were exposed to such a great deal of cultural and spiritual aspects even during their babyhood by their Foster Parents and that has chiseled them to be the “Torch Bearers of Culture”. “Catch Them Young” was their foster parents’ motto and the same was adopted by the Trios, which had made them to turn a new leaf in this year’s Pooja Vidhanam.  Surendranath says “Our Foundation is ready conduct such kind of value based culture and tradition oriented workshops in Schools and Colleges in future, provide they are invited by the Authorities”. This will enable the children and youth to be familiar with our rich civilization, who are otherwise ignorant of historical facts and significance of these festivals.    

Jul 18, 2017
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