Kalam rememeberd on his death anniversary


 Rememering Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

To Commemorate  His 2nd Death Anniversary – July 2017.


After their pilgrimage to Kasi during Dev Deepavali last November, “The Mylapore Trio” – Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna, Sugathan, Yogesh and Meenakshi Sundaram went for a short sojourn to Rameshwaram for the enth time, in June. It was a spiritual as well a patriotic visit to the sacred island. At the outset they took an adventurous journey to the forgotten and forbidden islet of “Dhanushkodi” which was a scary one. Travelling in a special jeep tailor-made only to travel in the marshy wetland was a terrifying experience. Surrounded by backwaters and the Bay of Bengal on both sides, the barren sandy land stretching miles, was full of silence, stillness and quietness…. with no soul any where near the vicinity. They touched the tip of the land where Lord Rama is believed to have performed Pithru Kaarya – today the isle is a destroyed town – the ruins left as remnants as haunted memorials. The reason being the ill-fated cyclone of 1964 triggering giant waves of Bay of Bengal engulfed the entire island and the Pamban bridge along with the popular train of yester years the “Boat Mail”, connecting Pamban and Thalai Mannar in Ceylon. Today after many decades, a new road is constructed (though yet to be inaugurated) to reach the island’s tip, safe, secure and comfortable. Dhanushkodi is being raised to become a Tourist Spot to attract people far and near.

Next day early morning they had holy bath in the Sea - Agni Theertham followed by 22 Sacred Theerthams ending with Kodi Theertham and darshan of Lord Ramanathaswamy and Goddess Parvathavarthini and wondered at the world’s longest corriders.


The Mylapore Trio and Sugathan made a memorable visit to one of the most nationalistic places in the country – The Samadhi of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Our thoughts were filled with his greatness and simplicity. His academic & professional carrier was packed with knowledge; being an atomic scientist his brainchild was Pokhran – 2, all his actions during his Presidential tenure were focused towards the progress of the Nation. To top it all he was a rare genre - a combination of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. His unadulterated nationalistic spirit made him the “SECOND MAHATMA” and his love towards children and youth made him the “SECOND NEHRU” and also the “PIED PIPER OF THE INDIAN YOUTH”. He was a TRUE INDIAN IN THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED – NO LESS NO MORE. The One and Only Soul liked, loved and adored by One and All throughout the length and breadth of the Indian Sub-Continent. We paid our obeisance to the great soul and saw a massive and magnificent monumental dome like edifice being built on his tomb, which is almost completed. This is being done to commemorate his second death anniversary, which falls on 24th July, duly expected to be opened by the Prime Minister of India. We could see people cutting across racial, social, religious, linguistic and communal barriers thronging to pay their respects to the “MAN OF THE MASSES”. Later we also visited the “House of Kalam” admired at the memorabilia exhibited there as a remembrance. All his books & writings, his inventions and discoveries, models of his rockets, his personal belongings including his dresses, rare photographs with Indian and International leaders, decorated investitures and awards conferred on him all around the world, including the replica of “Bharath Ratna”- were really a spectacular and awe inspiring.


Having been sculpted by our Foster Parents in sublime values - we were soaked in PATRIOTISM by Late Sri. RAJASEKHARAN and were drenched in Bhakthi by Late Smt. Sumukhi, We Trio satiated both our temperaments in our significant tour to Rameshwaram.

Jun 28, 2017
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