Venkatadr-3 is a play with a message

UAA, a famous and an old theatre group of Chennai, has launched its new play - Venkatadr-3. Headed by Y Gee Mahendra, who is also the protagonist of the play, the versatile actor has provided rib-tickling comedy for almost two hours.

Mahendra, called Venkatadr-3, is an official in a company and is a playwright also. His boss in his company and the producer of a drama serial (he pens scripts for his plays) both want work to be finished on a particular day as it very urgent.

The comedy quotient is provided by his father-in-law, a women in the colony who is a journalist reporting gossip and Dr Arokiaswamy who looks comical.

Venkatadr-3 is caught in a fix when he has to complete both jobs on the same day.

He seeks his uncle Thothadri’s advice to execute the work. Venkatadr-3 feels only science can bail him out of the predicament.

His uncle clones the hero as Venakatdr-3, 1 and 2, and sends them to the places respectively. But, as ill-luck would have it, the original Venkata visits Dubai and returns to find that the clones are putting forth some conditions and threatening him.

Unable to bear this, Venkata resorts to some act. You have to see it on stage to enjoy it.

Venkata, who is an atheist, transforms into a theist and feels that God’s creations, human beings, are unique and science is but a manifestation of the cosmos.

Creation is left only to God and doing anything against nature will have disastrous results.

Some jokes are repeated which have already taken place in his other dramas.

The script is by Chitralaya Sriram. The only two women are passable with little part in the drama.

Comedy and science will sustain the audience for two hours.

Apr 16, 2010
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