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Dancing Alive - at Halabeid" by Sugathan

The Mylapore Trio, Sugathan and few foundation members went to on a Cultural Tour to Karnataka. Sugathan Mohandass – (Secretary of the Foundation and Foster son of the Trio) being a multifaceted Dancer cum artist was inspired with the stone wonders of Belur and Halabeid. He was motivated and enthused to shake his legs amidst the wall of architecture for nearly 2hours. He presented some dance movements at the historic and world famous Temples built by the Hoysala Kings in the 14th century. Belur is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Halabeid is a Shiva temple built of soapstone with intricate carvings with unbelievable beauty – a marvel in architecture. Stories from Ramayana, Mahabaratha, Bhagavatam and many more legends and mythology have been ostentatiously carved and decorated with miniscule details. Gods, devas, humans, damsels, demons, and animals along with awe inspiring geometrical designs were a stunning feast to our eyes. Chi. Sugathan gave extravagant dance poses with elegance, class and style, aptly resembling the sculptures behind. In the serene morning with a pleasant and spectacular ambience, Sugathan’s Naatya postures added extravagance to the poetry in soapstone. Going down memory lane, Smt. Manju Bhargavi danced kuchipudi for  “Sankarabaranam” Movie here. Decades later it was such a nice opportunity for Sugathan to present his postures though in a masculine style with such exquisiteness and beauty. It was a Red Letter day for Sugathan to be a part of the architectural wonder. All of us including several tourists all over India and abroad were with awe to watch the eye catchy movements of Sugathan. It was a Double Damaka – a visual treat for the eyes i.e., the magnificent sculptures and his stunning dance postures. A memorable moment indeed…


May 31, 2017
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