Separating self from non-self

Uddhava Gita - 9

Sri Krishna said, “The Sanaka brothers asked their father Brahma ‘The mind goes after the stimuli of the objects, (roopa, sparsa, rasa, gandha and sabda) and the stimuli enter the mind. How can the mind and the stimuli be separated?’”

Brahma could not get to the root of the question, so he meditated upon me. I took the form of a swan and appeared before Brahma. (The swan is credited with the capacity of separating water from milk, from the mixture of the two. To indicate that the self and the non-self must be separated, Bhagawan took this form.) Headed by Brahma, Sanaka and others prostrated before me and asked me who I was. Now, hear Uddhava what I spoke to them.

The self is one and undivided. The sense objects and mind constitute the body of the jeeva. The jeeva contemplates on its divine essence and its identity with the Brahman, the affinity of the jeeva and the body can be broken up. The waking state, the dreaming state, and the dreamless sleep state occur to the mind due to sattwa, rajas, and tamas.

The jeeva is distinct from them and is the witness of the three states. The identification of the self with the buddhi, attributes to the self, the attributes of the intellect. Therefore, you become established in me and shake off the identification. Thereafter, the mind and the sense objects will be automatically separated.

The states of the mind are traceable to the three gunas of the Prakrithi and are super imposed on me (appearing as the jeeva) by my deluding potency maya. Come to this conclusion by inference and worship me who is in your heart.

The world appears to you when the mind is working. During the dreamless sleep, the world disappears to you because the mind is dissolved. Therefore, the world which comes and goes many times a day is only a creation of the mind. The world is unreal. Therefore, withdraw from the world which is superimposed on the self and concentrate on the reality within you. Arrest the thirst for enjoyment. Keep quiet and effortless. The body, the indriyas, and the prana will function under the impulse of destiny till death.

I am Vishnu come in the form of a swan to instruct you in this knowledge which is the secret of Samkya and Yoga. I am the final refuge sought through Samkya Yoga, truthfulness and penance, etc.

(To be contd)

May 17, 2010
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