Winning over Krishna

Uddhava Gita - 8

Sri Krishna says, “I am easily captured by Sat-sanga or association with great souls. Ashtanga yoga, Samkya, righteousness, study of Vedas, austerity, renunciation, ritualistic sacrifices, works of public utility, (like digging of wells) bestowal of gifts, observing fasts, worship of gods, muttering secret spells, resorting to holy waters and places of pilgrimage, yama, niyama - all these do not win me over as Satsanga does. Satsanga puts an end to all attachments.”

“Sattwa, rajas and thamas are the modes of buddhi and not of the Self. By the quality of sattwa, one must control the operation of the other two. Sattwa in the form of sattwic virtues like truthfulness and compassion should be merged in sattwa in the form of quietism. Sattwic virtues beget devotion to me.”

Uddhava said: Men generally know that pleasures of the senses lead to calamity. Why then do they still enjoy them?

Sri Krishna said: The perverted notion of the “I’ springs up in the heart of the deluded soul. Due to this notion, rajas pervades his mind, even though the mind is born of sattwa. In the mind pervaded by the rajas springs up the notion about the object worth enjoying and then how to secure it. Then he dwells on the excellent aspects of that object. Then a passion for it springs up, which is difficult to arrest. Having no control over his senses, and overpowered by desire, he embarks upon actions which bring sorrow. The wise man controls his breath and secures steadiness of posture (asana). He must then concentrate his mind on me thrice a day. Success may not follow at once. He must slowly practise meditation on me. I taught this Yoga to Brahma and his sons Sanaka and others.

Uddhava said: I wish to know the form in which you taught Sanaka and others.


(To be contd)

May 10, 2010
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